DESIGN: Vicke Lindstrand in Uppsala

Uppsala Art Museum opens on Wednesday 12 June is a comprehensive exhibition on the designer and artist Lindstrand (1904-1983). The exhibition reflects Lindstrands versatility in the production of glass, ceramics, textiles, paintings and sculpture. Lindstrand worked for several respected glassworks such as Orrefors and Kosta and artistic director at Upsala-Ekeby ceramics factory. The exhibition is opening on Wednesday June 12th 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. inaugurated by culture director Sten Bernhardsson. Exhibit text Lindstrand after Orrefors – in the shadow of streamlined perfection is written by Ph.D. Mark Ian Jones, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. Mark Ian Jones is a visiting scholar at the Department of Art History, University of Uppsala.The exhibition DESIGN: Lindstrand has been produced in collaboration with Grödinge Antique & Design and will run until October 13, 2013.

Press preview:
Date Tuesday, June 11
Time 13.00 (contact us if you want to come a different day or time)
Location Uppsala Art Museum, Uppsala Castle, entrance E

All his life was Lindstrand a creative artist who had a tireless desire to constantly move forward. The exhibition gives an example of a versatile artist, curious, lively and experimental. But it was the painter Lindstrand really wanted to be. After a long day of work, he connected with painting, he did all in all about 400 paintings, of which a selection is displayed in the exhibition.What is unique is that the entire Vicke Lindstrand’s life is represented in the exhibition whose content reflects the work the artist kept in their home, work he most wanted to surround himself with. Vicke Lindstrand versatile artist deed can be divided into different periods: 1928 – 1940 at Orrefors, Artistic Director 1942 – 1950 at Upsala-Ekeby and at Kosta glassworks from 1950 to 1973. He worked at Studio Glashyttan in Aahus 1977-1983. In the field of textiles led his collaboration with Elsa Gullberg (1886-1984) including the famous curtain for Malmö City Theatre in 1944, which with its 8.5 x 32 meters was the largest textile prints, which until then had been carried out in Sweden.

For more information
Ann-Christine Fogelberg, curator, 018-727 24 83, 0708-24 86 99,
ann-christine.fogelberg @
Eva Björkman, marketing / graphic design, 018 727 24 80, 0768-30 48 91,eva.bjorkman @

Website: / Gallery


Photo: Bo Gyllander


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