Kosta Unik Ariel Vase

Ariel 1960

This rare Lindstrand Ariel vase was produced in 1960 at Kosta Glasbruk. This vase revisits illustrative themes first used by Lindstrand at Orrefors in the 1930s and again in 1950 at Kosta. The Ariel technique was a co-invention of Lindstrand, with Edvin Öhrström and Knut Bergqvist.

The Swedish art historian and curator Dag Widman has this to say on the invention of the technique: “In the debate on which of the designers was first with the process, Märta Holkers, in her book on Öhrström, proposes that a third person, the master blower Gustaf Bergkvist, should actually be credited with the invention of the ariel technique. However, even though Bergkvist might have solved the technical difficulties, the influence of the designers must still have been decisive. There is much to suggest that Vicke Lindstrand, the originator of the Mykene technique, was the one who first put forward the idea of using encapsulated bubbles as a decorative element.” in Wickman and Widman, Orrefors. Vol. 1, A Century of Swedish Glassmaking.



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